Kiwi Sleeve


The Kiwi Sleeve is premier protection, mounting, and notification enhancement accessory for the Kiwi Remote Monitoring Sensor. Designed in collaboration with trapping experts, the Sleeve serves several key functions:

  • Increases the ruggedness of the Kiwi and protects it from damage
  • Dampens vibrations from rainfall and falling debris
  • Includes a built-in holder for the reed switch activation magnet
  • Simplifies the mounting process with a no-slip design and magnet installation guides

With the purchase of every Kiwi Sleeve, you are eligible to upgrade to the free* Revision 2 firmware for the Skyhawk Kiwi. Revision 2 is a major firmware upgrade featuring dual-trigger notifications, allowing the Kiwi to distinguish between two separate sensor trigger notifications: trap vibrations and door-close events.

The dual-trigger notifications reliably enable trapping technicians to know that a trap door has closed, and continuous vibration trigger notifications serve to further confirm a successful live animal capture.


*To request the Revision 2 firmware update after purchasing a Kiwi Sleeve, please contact Skyhawk Support at [email protected].

How to Install and Setup:

  1. Insert the Kiwi into the Kiwi Sleeve
  2. Using the circular guides on the back, attach the two magnets to the Kiwi
  3. Mount the Kiwi near the front of the trap
  4. Cut the wire to length – measure from reed magnet holder to the (open) trap door and then attach

The Kiwi Sleeve kit includes:

  • 1x Kiwi Sleeve
  • 3 feet of wire with pre-threaded reed magnet
  • 2x mounting magnets
  • 1x attachment clip

Additional information

Weight 0.32 oz
Dimensions 2.64 × 5.33 × 0.84 in
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