Version: 5.9.2 (BUILD ID: 7936264)
Date: 04/19/2022

Changes and Improvements

  • New Deployment View for CE Customers – When in the device detail view, you now have access to a new Deployment view. In this view you can add some details pertaining to where you might be placing your device including: ‘Customer ID’, ‘Customer Name’, ‘Deployed by’, and ‘Address’. The previous Location view is still available and functional from this screen by clicking on ‘View Map’. Also, ‘Device name’ and ‘Description’ have been moved to this view (previously these were found on the Settings view).
  • Map view of devices with the same Customer ID The map view was updated to include the ability to view, on the map, devices that are assigned to the same Customer ID in the Deployment view. Tapping this option will refocus your map and show, via pins, the GPS location of the associated devices. NOTE: Any devices that do not have assigned Customer IDs will, for the time being, be grouped in this view. A future update will change this so that the “View devices with the same customer ID” is only available for devices that have a Customer ID assigned.
  • Improved pin dropping on the map – We have enhanced the ability of the map to allow a simple tap to move the pin placement of your device. Whenever this is utilized, the exact GPS location for the device is recorded, and using Google Place, we dynamically update the closest street address for the device.
  • General UI/UX Improvements – A variety of minor UI/UX improvements were made including: Heartbeat tile updated to simply show if device currently has a ‘Good heartbeat’ or ‘Missed Heartbeat’
    • When a tile has no data to display, it shows a more relevant message
    • Improved formatting of phone numbers
    • A confirmation when phone or email notifications are turned off
    • On the additional of a new device, the user is taken to the appropriate dashboard matching the added device type
    • And more…

Fixed From Previous Release 5.9.0

  • Fixed the incorrect ability to set the pause time to 24 hours and 59 minutes, when devices only allow for 24-hour pauses.
  • Updates to correct error handling issues during form validation, including the allowing for
  • certain special characters, but limiting the use of emojis in input and text fields.
  • Resolve typos and misspellings.
  • Improvements to general UI to ensure design and layout is as similar as possible across multiple device types with varying screen sizes.


On next app launch, the mobile app will auto-update.