Version: 5.9.5 (BUILD ID: 8079625)
Date: 07/12/2022

Changes and Improvements

  • Remote Updating of Sensor Sensitivity – You can now remotely update the sensitivity of a sensor without directly interacting with the device itself. Please note, this functionality requires a hub with firmware C018 or higher.
  • “View all devices” feature in Enterprise View – The “View all devices” feature which was added to the CE Deployment view in our last release has now been included in the EE Location view as well. This can be found when viewing the device details and selecting the ‘Location’ tab. From there, any devices that are deployed with the same customer/location ID will can be displayed on the map for your reference by clicking on ‘View devices with the same Customer ID’. Note that this should only be visible for devices that have external customer/location IDs associated with them.
  • General UI/UX Improvements – A variety of minor UI/UX improvements were made including: Heartbeat tile updated to simply show if device currently has a ‘Good heartbeat’ or ‘Missed Heartbeat’
    • Updated and streamlined content for the “Getting Started” introduction.
    • Improvements to clarify language across various modals and notifications within the app.
    • Hub and sensor heartbeat tiles showing the correct interval currently being communicated by the devices.
    • Improved form validation to be more consistent across all forms.
    • Enterprise users will note an update of the logo when logging in. The new logo highlights “Skyhawk EE”, our enterprise edition brand.
    • Support, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy were updated to reflect our new website.


Fixed From Previous Release 5.9.0

  • The “Date Added” sorting on the ‘All’ devices view has been corrected to display devices more accurately. Previously you may have noticed that devices (Kiwi, KiwiIR, Hub) were grouped separately from sensors. They now will sort correctly based on the date they were added.
  • The sensitivity tile for a Kiwi device previously would show ‘Disabled’ until it was tapped. This was corrected and will show the current sensitivity setting on load.
  • For Enterprise users, customers or locations that have been archived will no longer show up in the mobile app as options for deploying a device.


On next app launch, the mobile app will auto-update.