Frequently Asked Questions

Rodent & Wildlife Control FAQ

Is it easy to deploy hubs and sensors?

They are easy to deploy. Just follow our online videos or the manuals provided with the packaging for helpful tips and tricks.

How long are the cords for hubs? 

No power cords are needed! Our hubs and sensors use standard AA batteries designed to last a year plus with average use. 

Do I have to rely on the customer's Wi-Fi signal for the devices to communicate? 

Each device will operate using cellular connectivity, so there is no need to inconvenience the customer by asking to hook up to their Wi-Fi network. This also allows you to use the unit in more remote locations! 

What other traps can the sensors be used with? 

A variety! Snap traps, live traps, conibear traps, and lethal traps just to name a few. The accelerometer and reed switch give the sensors the versatility to be used with any trap set up.

How difficult is it to change the batteries? 

Changing them is very simple! After removing the screws and opening the device, you can simply replace the existing batteries for new ones. 

Can rain damage the sensors?  

The devices are weather-resistant, although they should never be submerged in water. In addition to this, we also offer sleeves for the devices to further protect them from the elements.

Where can I place this device? 

With the devices’ design, it can be attached to any area of your choosing. You have the options of the provided accessory pack, or a standard zip tie will hold the unit in place with ease. 

Will the sensors be triggered by wind or rain? 

The devices have sensitivities that can be adjusted from 1 to 10. A lower sensitivity can be used with traps that generate a lot of force, like conibear traps. This way, wind or rain will not trigger a response, but the trap closing certainly will.

What if I lose track of where I set all of my traps? 

Each units deployment location can be viewed from the app! When each trap is set, you can easily go to the app and mark the location using your phone’s location feature. In addition, you can take a picture to go with each unit on the app and include notes and descriptions of the units location!

Asset monitoring FAQ

Does the unit need to be connected via Wi-Fi to work?  

No, our units connect via a cellular connection.  This allows no pairing or passwords are needed! 

How do I get alerted? 

You can choose a text message, email, or app notification.  You can select one method or all three! You will be alerted as soon as the unit is triggered

What if my shed does not have electricity running to it? Can the unit still work?  

Of course, our units are batterypowered. No hardwires or plugins are required. 

What if the storage facility does not have Wi-Fi?  

No problem! The unit does not need Wi-Fi. The device runs off a cellular connection. 

How do I know if the unit is working?

Our unit has a Heartbeat feature that will let you know the unit’s status.  

What if I am not close to the unit? Will I still be able to receive the notifications?  

Yes, our unit does not require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to work.  The unit runs off of a cellular network allowing you to receive the notifications no matter where you are. 

Where should you place the unit in an RV?  

You can place the unit inside the RV at any entry point.  

My property is in a remote area. Will the unit still work? 

Yes! Our unit runs off a cellular network and does not require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

Are there other units that can be used to monitor my assets?  

Yes! Check out our entire product line on our website.