IoT Unplugged

Monitor sensors almost anywhere with the Skyhawk PRIoT™ battery-powered IoT connectivity platform

Utilizing power-slashing state-of-the-art wake-on-radio and power management algorithms, Skyhawk’s portable remote IoT (PRIoT) platform gives you and your customers the ability to get data from anywhere there is a cell signal.

Maintenance-Free Battery-Powered Operation: Run your Skyhawk PRIoT gateways and sensors for years without intervention.

Data Uptime: Get critical data when you need it, uninterrupted by power faults, with Skyhawk’s high-reliability sub-GHz sensor and cellular cloud connections.

Unparalleled Reception: Place gateways where signal is strongest, not just where there’s a plug.

Turnkey Solutions: Use our off-the-shelf gateways, sensors and full software stack, design your own solution using PRIoT modules, or leverage our full custom manufacturing capabilities.

For more information, read the Skyhawk PRIoT Platform Overview, download our white paper, or fill out the form to the right to get a conversation going.

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