Pest Control Case Study

The Situation

St. Peter Pest Control received an urgent request for service from a residential property owner. Inspecting the home revealed a severe rodent infestation in the garage and a mild infestation in the home’s interior focused around the kitchen and laundry. As the homeowner had two young children and two small dogs, getting the infestations under control quickly and effectively was a top priority. This was a prime opportunity to utilize the Skyhawk Kiwi’s capabilities to monitor their traps’ effectiveness in the field and provide the homeowner with peace of mind.

Plan of Action

St. Peter Pest Control deployed a number of traps and pest countermeasures including:

  • 6 RTU stations with JT Eaton Apple Bait and Mouse Magnet
  • 12 Victor snap traps with Mouse Magnet for bait
  • 8 RTU stations with Apple Bait
  • 4 commercial exterior rodent stations
  • Critter Caps on exterior corners of vinyl siding
  • Exclusion devices on each side of garage door
  • Provided exclusion around pipes in kitchen cabinets and dryer areas with Excluder, as well as gaps around kitchen cabinet bases
  • Repaired door sweep on interior door leading to garage

In addition to the above measures, the pest control technicians deployed 6 JT Eaton safety snap traps baited with Mouse Magnet and equipped with Skyhawk Kiwis. Using the Skyhawk CE app (available for both iOS and Android), the Kiwis were configured to send alerts to both the homeowner and the technician when the devices’ accelerometers detected trap triggers. The Kiwi’s variable sensitivity is perfect in a pest control context, as it allows users to minimize false alerts depending on the type of trap they’re paired with.

The Result

The full scale of the infestation become apparent after the deployment of the traps: 28 kills with snap traps. 9 RTU stations had hits, with 5 showing extreme chunks of Apple Bait missing. 3 Commercial stations showed activity. 11 notifications from Skyhawk Kiwis were communicated to the client in real time. The client was so impressed with the technology and professionalism that they referred two family friends and one commercial account that signed within a week for standard pest control.

Use of the Kiwis increased the service fee by 5%, the profit margin by 33%, and lowered costs because fewer visits were required to check traps. The devices also provided the client with visibility into the pest control efforts via real-time notifications, standing from competing pest control technicians.

This engagement resulted in a new, satisfied customer. Besides the initial service fee, the customer signed up for on-going monthly service and referred 5 potential customers. Resulting annual growth for the business from this customer was 3%, with the potential for 12% or more through referrals.

When it comes to professional pest control, Skyhawk’s Kiwi is an invaluable device to have in your toolbox. The device is designed to be trap agnostic, meaning it works with virtually any kind of trap, regardless of manufacturer. The Skyhawk CE application makes it effortless to configure and track a wide variety of sensors, perfect for outfitting a team of pest control technicians. And finally, the Kiwi’s ability to send real-time alerts and notifications to both technicians and clients means you can track your traps’ efficiency as soon as they’re deployed.

Results by the Numbers

5% Increased Revenue

33% Increased Profit

50% Decrease in Visits

About St. Peter Pest Control

St. Peter Pest Control is a local company serving Hope Mills and the greater Fayetteville area. Owned by Ray and Nicole St. Peter, they specialize in providing complete and effective solutions for residential and commercial properties for pest, rodent, and moisture issues. The St. Peter Pest Control team has over 25 years in the pest control industry, is family and veteran owned.

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